Step 1. We Install Cameras

Cameras are installed in your auditorium, meeting, or conference room. Usually 2 cameras is all that is required. One for the speaker and one for the audience. We can expand to up to multiple cameras and multiple sites.

Step 2. Your Meetings are Recorded

We will assign a Wifient agent to your account. Tell your agent when your next meeting is and it will automatically be recorded, edited and delivered. If you have reccuring meetings just tell your agent when you would like them recorded and never worry about it again. 

  • Corporate Meetings
  • HOA Meetings
  • Staff Meetings
  • College classes
  • Keep a backup video of every meeting
  • Satisfy legal requirement for keeping meeting minutes
  • No need for an onsite videographer
  • Finished video is delivered securely or posted to your private intranet within 24 hours.

Meeting Recording Service

2 cameras and video storage hardware
installed at your location $599.00

1 meeting recorded per month ($499/mo)
** Monthly recording price Sale $99/mo**

Our Meeting Recording service requires an internet connection. 
If you do not have broadband we can provide a connection for you for $125/mo and a 2 year commitment. 

* For more cameras and recording options contact us

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